Belatedly falling in love

My step stopped to see my Uncle was having fun with Haji Dartam’s wife. “It was not a figment, can now see with own head”, but i’m not sure, they could just meet to keep talking.

“Assalamualaikum Uncle Haji !!”, I kind of shouted. He looks shocked, his hands immediately released from the lap of Aunt Suminem.

“Waalaikumsalam, Has not been visiting for a long time”

“Incidentally Om, had sold furniture in the market, continue at once want to meet Uncle”

“Let’s go in”, Uncle invites to enter his home, Aunt Suminem followed with a flirtatious.

” Where Aunt and sister Amah? I asked. “Going to town,  there’s a business.”

I understand, then talk about other things because it has not been met for a long time.

Before saying goodbye, I whispered, “Sorry Uncle, what happens beetween You with Aunt Suminem?”

“Nothing, we just admire each other”

Violet faded accompanied by the singing of insects in the afternoon, accompanied the pique step of seeing the old man who belatedly falling in love.